Aluminium Alloy Sheets / Coils with Moisture Barrier

Aluminium Alloy with Moisture Barrier

Aluminium exhibits moderate strength and very good corrosion resistance which makes it an ideal metal to use for jacketing on mechanical insulation systems that are used on cold and hot pipes, tanks, ducts, vessels and equipment to conserve energy, prevent surface condensation, prevent contact burns and more. In most outdoor applications and some indoor locations, these systems use an outer protective metal jacketing to provide protection against UV, physical damage and water shedding.

Types of Moisture Barriers on Aluminium Sheet

There are two types of moisture barriers used on metal jacketing in mechanical insulation systems; polykraft and polysurlyn that we provide.

Polykraft type moisture barrier

Polykraft is a layer of kraft paper laminated to a single thin layer of polyethylene film. Polykraft consists of one layer polyethylene film with a protective layer of kraft paper. The moisture barrier is factory applied by attaching the jacketing by continuous lamination to the full width of the metal. Aluminium Jacketing equipped with Poly Kraft (Moisture Barrier) with anti corrosion and anti-galvanic properties.

Polysurlyn type moisture barrier

Polysurlyn moisture barrier (PSMB) is a thick three layer film that is applied by laminating the film to the aluminium sheet by a process of heat and pressure. Polysurlyn Moisture Retarder provides an excellent resistance to moisture and has excellent abrasion resistance during installation. Polysurlyn is a high performance solution as it has no pinholes, is a multilayer film, has a very low water vapour transmission rate and a very low water absorption. Additionally, it is tough, scratch resistant and durable.

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