Aluminum Alloy 5754

Aluminium Alloy 5754 Tread Plate

Our quintet pattern/5 bar tread plate in 5754 grade Aluminium is suitable for marine applications where a combination of strength and corrosion resistance to sea water requirement is a priority. This high strength aluminium alloy is tough, good for welding thus making it perfect for flooring applications. Easy to clean, with good slip resistance it also has a decorative industrial appearance.

Applications of AA 5754 Tread Plates

Due to its superior resistance to sea water, Marine grade chequered plate is used in marine platforms, door kick plates, door cladding, access ramp covering for wheelchairs and stair treads.

Table of commonly stocked sizes

There are two types of thickness in tread plates: Thickness of the plate without pattern and total thickness, incl. pattern. The two figures are written with a slash in between (e.g. 1.5/2.0)

Other non standard sizes are available on request.

Aluminium Sheet Thickness (mm)
Base/Incl. Cheq.
Size 3000mm x 1500mm
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